CPSIA Compliance

As a reputable leader in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of newborn, infant and toddler products, the concern for safety is at the forefront of our corporate values. For over 70 years, Rashti and Rashti has maintained its commitment to produce merchandise that meets or exceeds both governmental and industry standards and continuously strives to improve and create safer products for the end user, children.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC) is required for all merchandise manufactured on or after November 12th, 2008.  Rashti & Rashti is fully compliant with the CPSIA requirements. We have partnered with certified laboratories approved by the CPSC and have Children’s Product Certificates (CPC) filed electronically for our products manufactured on or after November 12th, 2008. Any product prior to that date will not have a CPC.

To request CPC documentation for specific products, please refer to the tracking label sewn into the product. All Tracking Labels list the Date of Manufacture, PO#, Rashti Style Number and Factory Code. Please provide us this information when making your request.

If you do not have an actual product but wish to request CPC documents, please provide the Rashti Style number OR the Customer Item/SKU/UPC number and Customer Purchase Order Number.

If you have any questions, our Quality Assurance department will be happy to help. Email your CPC requests or questions to CPC@rashtiandrashti.com.

It is our sincerest hope that our dedication to safety, quality and customer service will instill continued confidence from our business partners in our company and products.