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Gifting Made Simple!

For three generations, Rashti & Rashti has been creating baby products that moms like to get and her family and friends like to give.

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Baby Starters® Snuggle Buddy®

This adorable friend is the ideal companion for a new baby. Our Snuggle Buddy is both interactive and comforting. Moms and babies find them fun, endearing and even addictive. Babies have been known to become very attached to their first best friends. You can collect them all. Other colors and coordinating products are available under the Baby Starters brand at retail stores nationwide.

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parent's corner

Fun for All: How to Pull Off an Awesome Playdate

If you and your child have been making regular visiting the local park, library or playground this summer, chances are those experiences have led (or will soon lead you) to your first playdate. A rite of passage, these get-togethers are an essential part of new parenthood that not only help foster your child's development, but that also benefit adults.

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